Splash Cash – Teacher Grants!


The purpose of the to Splash Cash program is to improve and supplement academic instruction by awarding up to $1,200 for creative water-related educational software, activities or supplies needed to assist teachers with the classroom or virtual learning environment and promote water education and conservation within Los Angeles County. PWAG CET’s financial contribution to teachers allows for purposefully created programs that help increase students’ understanding about water in the region, Southern California and beyond.


K-12 teachers at schools in PWAG CET’s service areas are eligible to participate in the Splash Cash Grant Program. Grant applications will be accepted from all teachers, individually or from a group of teachers, regardless of the subject area(s) taught.

Awarding Criteria

Grant judging will be conducted by the PWAG CET with scoring criteria as follows:

  • Goals and objectives are well defined
  • Students will be actively engaged in water-specific learning
  • Project uniqueness
  • Feasibility of study
  • Tie in with the PWAG CET goal of promoting the value of water in the region
  • Alignment with STEAM standards
  • Number of students reached in current school year and beyond
  • Budget supports the project

How to Apply

Click through the easy-to-use grant application here and provide the following information:

Grant Timeframes & Deadline

The 2023-2024 Splash Cash Grant Program Application is now closed. 

Scoring Rubric

Project Conclusion & Report Summary

The final requirement for grant projects, which must be completed within the funded academic year, is a project summary describing the success of the project, a final budget expense report, and brief classroom presentation to be attended by a PWAG CET member, or pictures of the completed project

What kinds of projects?

Below are a few ideas to kickstart your classroom project and grant submittal!

Plan and organize field trips for students to learn about the impacts of stormwater pollution and inspire students to keep local waterways clean.

Create opportunities for students to be actively involved in watershed stewardship activities around campus such as: monitoring storm drains to keep the area around them clean; arranging field trips to the Los Angeles, Rio Hondo, San Gabriel or Santa Ana rivers to clean up trash.

Have students help design new water-wise landscaping to replace turf or conventional landscaping at your school.  Students will learn to work as a team while discovering how water efficient landscaping contributes to a secure water supply for their cities and the region.

Write and produce a Saving Our Water musical, with grant funds covering costumes and set designs for materials that are environmentally friendly or made from recycled products.

Research water supply sources for the school – What are they?  Where do they originate? How are they kept safe, clean, and secure? How are they delivered to homes, businesses, and school? Once research is complete, create a PowerPoint presentation.

Purchase water-related books for your school or classroom library.

Design and install a water-wise conservation garden and/or smart irrigation.

Book a visit by Aquarium of the Pacific’s touch tank school-wide assembly, or fund transportation to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Purchase supplies for water-related (Project WET) classroom activities.

Purchase supplies for an in-classroom activity on hydroponics.