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The Public Water Agencies Group (PWAG) is an association of 17 retail water districts, irrigation districts and wholesale municipal water districts across all of Los Angeles County that addresses water issues. Due to an increased need for water-use efficiency outreach and programs, PWAG created the Conservation and Education Team (CET) to provide conservation and educational resources within Los Angeles County.

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CET works to raise awareness among members of the public and students about the value and importance of water, from using it wisely to managing it well, whether at home or work. CET accomplishes these strategic efforts by creating educational programs for teachers and their students and producing enriching, informative engagement opportunities for the communities it serves.

Splash Cash Teacher
Grant Program

Funding is available to help teachers develop programs and activities that educate and engage students on water topics and challenges.

Scholar Dollars
Scholarship Program

Money for college is available for five students per year who demonstrate passion and innovation for water management.

Water Feature Contest Program
Encouraging students to get involved in water conservation by making a video for use on social media.

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